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Best Wedding Images of 2016 | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Happy New Year

I have officially finished my 2016 wedding season and it was such an amazing year, full of even more amazing couples. I've spent the past few days going through every single wedding photo I took this year and pulling out my favorites. It was time consuming but I love reflecting on and revisiting all the beautiful weddings and engagements from the year. During this reflection I not only found a few new favorite images, but I learned so much about myself and my work. As a photographer I am always growing and changing. I find new passions and learn new techniques. It's fun to look back at my work to see how it has evolved. I fall in love with new ideas and new types of images as I get to work with a wide variety of couples and weddings. So this blog post is filled with beautiful images and inspiration, but it's also a personal and professional journey of my year.

My Style and Passion

As a wedding photographer I tell the whole story of a wedding day, from getting ready, to all the small details, the ceremony, group portraits, and the reception, these are standard wedding images. However, I have always added a little more to this story by watching every moment of the day. I want to show the smaller more personal moments that occur and help tell the story of the wedding. It's not just about a pretty ring shot, it's about the groom twirling his ring as he gets used to wearing it that first hour after the ceremony. I love a pretty dress shot, but my favorite dress images are the mother of the bride spending 20 minutes buttoning it up and enjoying every second. In fact most brides don't see the look on their mother's face while she's doing this until she goes through the wedding gallery. The bride twirling her hair, the flower girl dancing in the corner, the father of the bride giving the groom "that look". What the guys and girls really do during their getting ready time, again these won't be seen until the gallery reveal. I enjoy watching these special moments unfold and making sure I capture them all.

The type of photography I just described, and my general style, is referred to as photo journalistic or documentary wedding photography. I love this type of photography and the stories the images tells. The unique way of showing details that will be remembered forever. I also incorporate this in my engagement sessions too. Watching the couple interact and letting them be themselves without too much posing helps me capture the real relationship between them. It's important to me that during and engagement session and the wedding day that couple has fun, feels relaxed, and don't notice I'm even there half the time.

In reviewing my favorite images there is something else I learned about my passion for wedding photography. I love fine art portraits!! I love taking a portrait of the bride as soon as she's dressed. She's nervous, excited, emotional, happy, and so much more. I want to take a portrait that not only shows how beautiful she looks, but how she feels at the very moment. I really am taking a picture of her on the inside and out. Fine art portraiture is a creative art. It's a very thoughtful and specific process of taking a portrait. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed this art until reviewing my favorite images. I love finding a few minutes for the bride alone, the groom alone, and the couple together for some beautiful portraiture. I want these portraits to take your breath away every time you see them, to make you tear up, to make you feel like it's your wedding day all over again.

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