Hiring a second shooter

Hiring a Second Shooter For Your Wedding Day | Staunton Wedding Photographer

Every bride need to consider the idea of hiring a second shooter for their wedding day. However, not all brides need a second shooter. I will discuss, in my opinion, the benefits of having a second shooter as well as when a second shooter is necessary.

Here are some questions I always ask my couple's when deciding if they "need" a second shooter. Are you both getting ready at the same location? How many getting ready moments do you want to capture for both the bride and groom? Do you want to have a first look with the groom or father of the bride? How close is the getting ready suite to the ceremony site? How close is the reception to the ceremony site? If you are not having a first look with the groom, how long after the ceremony do we have for portraits? How large is your wedding party? How many family portraits would you like to have?

Regardless of how you answer these questions having a second shooter is always an added benefit to your wedding day. A second shooter will provide you with more images from your wedding day, as well as more of a variety of shots. A second shooter can be beside the photographer catching different angles or at a different location capturing other events. If the bride and groom are getting ready at separate locations , or you're having a first look, a second shooter is so nice to have. If you're choosing not to see each other before the ceremony and want to take all your bridal party photos before the ceremony this is also a really great time to have a second shooter. A second shooter can be hired for fewer hours than your wedding photographer, or the same amount of time depending on your needs.

If you're undecided on hiring a second shooter consider the questions above and discuss them with your photographer. Together you will make a decision that is right for you and your wedding day!

I'm including some photos I took when I had the opportunity to second shoot with a wonderful photographer in Culpepper, VA. Michelle from Leib Photographic is an amazing photographer to work with. These photos are great examples of how a second shooter can enhance your wedding day.