Byrd Park

Jessica & Walt Richmond Engagement Session | Richmond Wedding Photographer

Although I don't live too far from Richmond it's a place I have never explored beyond Short Pump shopping! I was so excited for Jessica and Walt's engagement session so I would finally have the chance to explore the city a little more. We met atByrd Park near the Carillon building. This park was so full of life with people, and dogs, of all ages and activities. There were so many fun spots at the park but we couldn't photograph them all because we had another location to visit too! I loved the amphitheater with the stone steps and all the dogwoods that were bloomed. The Carillon building itself had amazing steps as well.

When I asked Jessica and Walt to describe themselves they said they were adventurous and liked to explore new places. They were so much fun and really up to try anything I suggested, even running through a crowd of people on a very long bridge! One of my favorite moments, and now outtake photos, was the couple right in front of them that realized they were in my frame and they started running too.

Our next stop was the National Battlefield park by Tredegar. This is definitely a place I will return to explore more myself. We spent most of our time on the bridge and then a short walk back to some local street art. The sun set so beautifully behind the bridge and the weather was simply perfect. The bridge was a little crowded but this just added to the images and everyone was very nice with giving us a little extra space. I loved the lines of the bridge both standing on it as well as under it. The steel work is a great contrast to the water and trees surrounding the bridge. I was a bit shocked at how loud the water was, just a little beyond peaceful, but so beautiful.

I am so excited for Jessica and Walt's Wintergreen wedding this summer. I know it will be filled with adventure and laughter!!!