Favorite Wedding Photos; The Details | Staunton Wedding Photographer

Continuing with my series on wedding favorites, part one of is all about the details!! I love photographing the details of a wedding. Most guests don't realize how much thought, effort, and time go into every single detail of your wedding. Some of my favorite details to photograph are rings, dress details, flowers, and shoes, but of course I will also capture all the other details of your day too!

How can you help organize your wedding day so your photographer can capture all of these details? Knowing all the information from your vendors is a great place to start. Keeping track of the specific delivery times for the cake and flowers, etc.  so they can be added to your wedding day timeline is very helpful. Take some time to consider what details you would like to have photographed and discuss this with your photographer. If you have a special perfume you'll be wearing, or a pin to place on your bouquet these special items all deserve to be documented as part of your wedding day. Also, consider designating a person to bring your invitation suite, rings, and other special items that you wish to have photographed and adding this to your timeline as well. It is helpful as a photographer to have time set aside in the schedule to photograph details before the bride starts getting ready. Photographers will often need to take the details into better light, or set up lighting to capture great images of each item, so it's important to allow time in the wedding day schedule for the detail shots.