Favorite Wedding Photos: The Ceremony | Staunton Wedding Photographer

You've spent months planning every detail of your weddings. You've scoured through every wedding blog and magazine there is, and have seen every single flower arrangement, invitation, place cards, and other decor ideas imaginable. However, when you really think of your wedding day these are not the most important parts of the day.

The absolute most meaningful and most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony. This is when you become husband and wife. This is when it doesn't matter which cake flavor you chose, or what color your bouquet is. The ceremony itself doesn't last long, but the result of the ceremony is to become husband and wife forever. The photographs captured during your ceremony show the last time you are Miss... and the first time you are Mrs..... The images from your ceremony show true emotion, there is no staging, no posing, no interruptions. These are the most natural, true, raw images of the day. Your first kiss, the look in his eyes when you say I do, these images are irreplaceable. When you look through your wedding album in two months and in twenty years, these images are the ones you will stop to look at the longest. These images will bring the most emotion and the best memories from your wedding day.

If you love weddings as much as I do, then you can't help but love the images from the ceremony. I wish more blogs and magazines shared these special images!