Favorite Wedding Photos: The Portraits | Staunton Wedding Photographer

My favorite wedding photos series part 2 is all about the portraits. Portraits consist or bridal, groom, and couple portraits as well as the bridal parties. If your wedding day schedule is tight and there isn't a lot of time for portraits, or there are a wide variety of portraits you would like to have, you may want to consider scheduling bridal portraits before your wedding day. I suggest that brides think of any general poses they would like to capture and discuss this in your pre wedding meeting. However, I do not recommend making or printing a long list of "Pinterest" poses for the day. Doing this can take a lot of time and also ruin a lot of natural moments that occur during the portraits. If you find something on Pinterest that you would really love to re create we can discuss this ahead of time and definitely work it into the portraits.

Couple portraits are such a fun part of your wedding day. Portraits can be done before and/or after the wedding ceremony. This will depend or rather or not you chose to do a "first look" check out a separate blog post about considering a first look! I suggest finding a quiet place without any guests, family members, or bridal party to take the couple portraits. This is a great time for the bride and groom to have a quiet moment "alone" (with your photographer) as well as capturing some memorable images.  I prefer all portraits to be less staged and more natural. Allowing the bride and groom to just be together and talk is a great way to capture true emotion and those real moments from the day. Of course your photographer will guide you when the time is right to look at the camera or to do some poses as well.

The bridal party and family portraits can be a time of creativity and fun. This is also a great time to have a wedding coordinator or designated family member to help organize groups and make sure everyone is around for their group. If the photographer or bridal party member is spending time finding or waiting on missing guests then opportunities for more photos as well as time is lost.

So my advice for portraits is to plan ahead and work closely with your photographer to schedule them appropriately. It's also very helpful to have a wedding coordinator or other helper.