Tips for Taking Better Family Photos | Staunton Portrait Photographer

How many parents have recently purchased a fancy new camera in hopes of taking better photos of your family? How many of you have been slightly disappointed by the way your photos with your new fancy camera have turned out? Digital cameras are easy to use on automatic, but this isn't the best way to use your camera. Cameras are smart, but not perfect. It's really important to learn how to use your camera to it's fullest so you can get the best images possible of those you love the most. Yes, you'll still want to hire your favorite photographer (hint, hint) for family photos, but it's still up to you to take the daily photos, vacation photos, birthday photos when that photographer isn't around.

There is so much involved in learning to use all the settings on a DSLR camera and in the summer I offer mini courses to learn them! However, I will offer some quick and easy tips here on the blog to help you make improvements your photos.

Tip #1, when you're outside on a sunny day in the middle of the afternoon, find some shade!! If you have your subjects face the sun they'll be squinting and have a lot of shadows on their face. If you put their backs toward the sun your camera will expose to the bright light behind them and their faces will be dark. If you learn to use the program or automatic setting on your camera you can adjust for this. If you're on automatic and don't know how to adjust for bright sun, then find the shade!

You'll want to be on the edge of the shade so you your subjects still get a little light on their face and aren't too dark. Have them stand in the shade facing the sun with the shade behind them, and the sun behind you. So go outside tomorrow and give it a try. Comment below with any questions or to let me know how it goes!!

The first two set of photos are pictures I took during the same session. You can see the difference of having the sun behind them versus being in the shade while still facing the sun. The last two photos are just really cute pictures of little ones in the shade, but still getting light on their face.