Newborn Studio and Outdoor Portraits | Staunton Newborn Photographer

I love photographing babies, especially when they have siblings, and even more so when I photographed their older siblings as newborns!! It is so much fun watching families grow and watching toddlers navigate their new role as older sister or brother. It's also fun to see how the new parents have changed with their second baby.

Baby M came to my studio on a warm day so we took advantage of the weather for a few outdoor portraits. I love using natural elements whenever the weather allows. The rich color and texture of grass, rocks, trees, and flowers cannot be matched indoors. Newborn photography takes both time and patience. You have to work around the baby's needs first and they need to be comfortable and content before you take a single photo. Baby M was a very content baby. He was happiest being held as many babies are and that is perfectly acceptable.