Event Photography

Event photography includes corporate events, meetings, or head shots, small business events or promotions,  as well as family events such as reunions or other gatherings that last beyond a typical portrait session. Event photography is priced per hour, based on the number of total hours as well as the number of total images provided. A typical event will be between $100-200 per hour and result in 25- 50 images per hour. Please contact me for a specific quote for your event. 

I have had the privilege to photograph corporate head shots for Abaco and UVA, as well as individual head shots for business owners. I have captured the grand opening for local businesses such as The Faded Poppy and PrePopsterous. I have photographed a statewide meeting and event for the Shenandoah Valley Partnership and business parties for Advanced Ball Cooperation. I have also shot several large multi family reunions, birthday parties and other large family events. I taken photographs for many businesses to use in promotional or marketing capacities, many of these events include large group photos, candid photos, details of activities, and decoration.